Alma Sauceda is a licensed massage therapist who graduated from the Academy for Massage Therapy in 2007 and is currently working on her associates in Biology at San Antonio Community College, as well as achieving a bachelor’s degree in Marine Biology afterwards. She has been in the massage and spa industry for ten years and is certified in several fields of massage therapy. She specializes in Swedish and spa treatments, deep tissue, sports massage, prenatal, oncology, and medical massage on the first level (reducing chronic aches and pain associated with nerve pinching). Whether you’re looking for a speciality or simply a relaxation massage, Alma will make sure you leave with more ease of motion, less pain, less stress, and a better outlook on life.


Back to Life Massage Therapy  is a privately owned practice specializing in sports/medical massage, manual therapy treatments and integrated manual and movement sessions. While relaxation massage can certainly be helpful, we recommend providing you with a more effective therapeutic massage that will increase and restore your range of motion back.

Your treatment will not be just a typical, general full body massage! Our team of  licensed massage therapists are trained in providing customized treatments to each individual. This ensures you will receive the highest level of care and proper treatment and education about whatever it is you are coming in for.


Our specialty is sports and medical massage and manual therapy. Our therapists are hand picked and are specialized in these areas. We use techniques such as orthopedic massage, trigger point therapy and neuromuscular therapy to deliver a result oriented treatment. We also like to take into account that our clients don’t live their lives lying down on a table! Because of this, we can assess you sitting, standing, lying down as well as in any sport/activity specific position that you might be having trouble with. After an assessment and manual therapy treatment, there may be corrective exercise or self massage techniques that will help prolong the effects of your treatment. We are honored to be part of your wellness team and we want you to be an active participant so optimal results can be achieved!

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